Omnna Automotive Software – Exciting News!

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Omnna, the innovative cloud business software solution created for WDs, Jobbers and Service Centers in the Automotive Aftermarket, announced today a change in the organization’s structure. As we continue to grow sales and strive to better support the ever-growing customer base in the automotive aftermarket, Omnna has split into two companies: Omnna Automotive Software; which will manage the sales, marketing and customer support. And Specter Solutions; which will manage the product architecture, development and product support.

All key personnel throughout the US who are involved with sales, marketing and customer support, have transitioned to Omnna Automotive Software including the previous Automotive President Brian Allibon, who joined the company in February. The development team, which provides the behind-the-scenes programming and product management for Omnna, is based out of Dallas, and will be managed by Omnna founder Gabe Davis, and accompanied by the rest of the product management and development team, which has grown drastically over the years while retaining virtually all team members.

Brian Allibon, the previous President of Omnna, will assume the title of President and CEO of Omnna Automotive Software and his role shall be extended to govern all day-to-day aspects of running and growing Omnna market share in the Automotive Aftermarket.

“I am extremely excited about the new structure as it further allows Omnna Automotive Software to move forward with our aim to become the premier provider of a Cloud based solution to the Automotive Aftermarket. It feels great knowing we’re backed by the security of some large financial partners who share our vision and beliefs, whilst still giving us access to the same first class technical team,” said Brian Allibon. “We know we have the technology and architecture [structure] that puts us a long way ahead of our competition. It’s actually been encouraging to see some of our competition finally validating our cloud platform by announcing plans of working towards their own true cloud solutions as future next generation offerings.”

Allibon, who has worked for nearly 30 years in the automotive aftermarket, 25 of those with another systems provider, believes that the new company structure will allow his team to continue to focus on what he believes matters most.

“We [Omnna Automotive Software] understand that partnership is as important as great financial backing or even the software itself. As such we are continually striving to build and maintain good relationships with our clients. Working closely with them is a primary objective of our team here at Omnna Automotive Software.  We know that there is a lot of competition in our industry and having the most powerful and technically advanced service offering is not enough. We also need to continue to prove we are the correct partner to work with now and for many years to come,” said Allibon.

Omnna Automotive Software is owned by a large investment group organized by private equity investment boutique; GTD Funding. A majority of the investment groups involved have been a part of Omnna since its infancy.

“Having supported the development efforts of Omnna historically, we’re excited to have the opportunity to fund the sales and marketing efforts we believe will make Omnna the market leader in the automotive aftermarket,” said Gerry Ambrose, a managing partner in GTD Funding and Omnna Automotive Software board member. “Our firm specializes in helping companies like Omnna to reach their full potential, by combining our roughly two-hundred plus years of combined business experience along with our financial assets.”

Omnna was originally released in 2008 as a cloud solution for the automotive aftermarket by founder Gabe Davis. Davis will continue to lead product development and support Omnna Automotive Software and their customers moving forward.

“It’s really awesome to see the solution we’ve all worked so hard to create for the automotive aftermarket receive this type of financial support,” Said Davis. “I’ve seen their aggressive [marketing] plans for the future and am excited to watch the automotive aftermarket respond to their innovative, professional approach, beginning with AAPEX.”

Omnna will be at AAPEX booth 3868 again this year, and will have many changes.

“We’re excited to have our AAPEX booth this year be the first step in showing the world the change this new company is bringing to our product offering,” said Allibon. “Omnna Automotive Software is bringing the professionalism that comes from their past experiences. The advantages [of the new ownership] are not just commercial but extend through to deployment, design, development, integration, connectivity, training and scalability as well.”

To learn more about Omnna, visit, and visit them at AAPEX Booth number 3868.