Take care of all your customers and
prospects with Omnna’s CRM

  • Generate leads and convert accounts
    Create leads with multiple contacts and convert them to accounts when they start buying from you.
  • Easy tracking and assignments
    Track events, appointments, calls and reminders, and assign them to any employee or salesperson.
  • Customer calendar
    Salespeople can use the calendar to manage their road schedule. Shops can also use it to manage appointment and jobs.
  • Easy-to-access contacts
    Each salesperson can view each customer’s account details and history on their smartphone before they walk into each store.
  • Sales groups
    Organize your accounts into unlimited sales groups, which can then be assigned to sales people or used to run promotions or create reports, pricing or advertisements.
  • Send automatic reports
    Set any of your real-time reports to automatically send to any employee, customer, vendor or supplier you like.
  • Email invoices
    No more paper, postage or printing. Send invoices, receipts and statements through email to your customers.
  • No data limits
    Store unlimited emails for customers, contacts, leads, employees and vendors. All email data is safe and saved forever in Omnna’s private cloud environment.
What Sets Us Appart

What Sets Us Appart

Always real-time data from your products, inventory, orders to customers, regardless of how you access Omnna.  With Omnna’s CRM in your tool box you will improve responsiveness  to drive an increased in customer retention. Have a internet connection? It’s as easy as logging in.

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM

Take all the features of our Customer Relationship Management anywhere with Omnna Mobile. From Smartphone to tablet and everything in between, you will always have your customers details at your fingertips.
Omnna's Vision

Omnna's Vision

Our goal is to give you all of the tools you need to communicate and serve your customers. With Omnna’s CRM you will have all of the advantages needed to develop a strong relationship and great rapport with your clients.