Who’s Omnna

Omnna is a cloud business solution created for small to global businesses in niche markets. Each target market has unique software requirements, but what all markets have in common is a limited IT budget, IT staff, and the desire to operate their business under a single software solution.


Omnna is a complete business management platform that includes: Point-of-Sale, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Back-Office, and more. Omnna offers customers a single solution that replaces their current IT comprised of multiple disparate legacy systems – while providing many additional benefits to reduce expenses and increase profitability. Back-office financials, general ledger, and accounting is managed through seamless real-time integrations with the leading solutions you already have in place.


More than ten million dollars invested over ten years has gone into creating the multi-market cloud ERP platform.


Omnna, originally Fuse5, was founded in 2008 by Gabe Davis with a desire to create a comprehensive business solution for SMB companies in target markets; in the cloud. Davis acquired a team of world-class software developers that would share his passion for creating best-in-class business solutions.


The solution has grown radically over the years, but the vision has remained the same. Omnna’s business philosophy is to treat customers as the experts who know what they need and who expect a solution to meet those demands.

Omnna launched its software into the Automotive Aftermarket, referred to as Omnna AutoSaaS today.


Omnna launched in the Lumber and Building Materials Market and created a warehouse product.


Omnna developed a HIPAA product for Clinics and a dealership product for sales and service organizations.


Omnna licensed a software product for the Firearms industry called Trident1 and expanded the Point-of-Sale.

The go-to-market strategy is for Omnna to expand into markets that have a need (pain point) for a comprehensive, cloud business solution. The Omnna team may enter markets directly, or with a market-specific reseller.

Unlimited feature potential

The platform supports almost any relevant (with respect to the market) feature request a customer could make, which is the opposite of legacy platforms that have many inherent and insurmountable limitations. For example, Netsuite’s (acquired by Oracle for 9.3B) platform can’t support HIPPA compliance, but Omnna’s can/does.

Supporting large scale implementations

Omnna’s software can be deployed rapidly and simultaneously across any number of locations, supporting large scale implementations, which can greatly support mergers and acquisitions.

No database limitations

Allowing users to load all product lines they could sell, and save all sales and customer history for life (big deal for big data and business intelligence).

Realtime Integrations

Omnna communicates real-time with Google, Amazon, QuickBooks and other cloud companies, and can communicate via Electronic Data Interchange to the extent Legacy systems are able, enabling many benefits legacy systems can’t offer.

Unlimited customization settings

More than 9,000 custom settings currently– which can be configured in any combination – enable end-users to quickly and easily configure Omnna to match their business operations.

Data sharing and pooling

larger conglomerates with multi-level supply chain operations sold through dealers or resellers can share data analytics, costs, prices and availabilities real-time throughout the organization while offering real-time business intelligence dashboards to the senior executives.

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