Omnna Core Values

Good Business Sense –

Since 2008, We have been exercising sound business judgement in all of our business decisions and actions in order to accomplish our mission.

Constant Improvement –

Good enough is never enough. We pursue excellence with vigor. We celebrate our success but are relentlessly striving for more. We have a very strong work ethic and exceed standards.

Unique Culture –

We hold ourselves and each other accountable with open communication and a safe environment where challenges are encouraged.

Client Focus –

The client is our boss and always deserves our respect. Customer service trumps everything and is second-to-none.

Value People –

We will always treat all people with dignity and respect.

Integrity –

We will always ensure the highest ethics, absolute honesty and strive for fairness in all our actions. We will always do the right thing even when nobody is looking. We prioritize integrity over profits; that’s our bottom line. When there is a choice between what is morally right and what is convenient; we will always do what is right.

Passion for Winning –

We have an unmatched, unyielding drive to win. We always remain humble and hungry.

Accountability –

Taking personal ownership and pride in our actions to accomplish our mission at hand with ethics, honesty and integrity.

Leadership –

We strive to lead with courage, to shape a better future, knowing there will be those who follow now or later.

Transparency –

We begin by being approachable and encourage open communication. We actively listen. We respectively challenge when we think we see a better way, knowing we all want to grow into the best version of ourselves and the best version of our company. We have an expectation we’re all interested in the best possible outcome and we care for each other, our customers and our company deeply.

Passion –

We are ridiculously passionate about what we do, and it is easily observable and hopefully contagious. Our complete dedication is to our mission, clients and our company; while understanding and valuing the contributions and priorities of others.

Respect –

Being honest and forthright in everything Omnna will do.

Innovation –

We are inventors, we are the future. We will always think ahead, outside of the box, to always offer new solutions with new ideas. We are where ideas come to be born and to grow into greatness.

Omnna Mission Statement

We partner with our Valued Clients to help them accomplish their business needs and goals by providing Quality Software Solutions supported by Exceptional Knowledge and support.

Omnna Vision

To Become the #1 Recognized Global Leader in Business Software Solutions Platforms.

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