Product Lifecycle Management

What is the Product Life Cycle?

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a process aimed to maximize product profit. Omnna accomplishes this by reducing the cost to market, extending product lifespan and capitalizing as much as possible when sales begin to decline. All in all, with Omnna you will have an all-encompassing solution to manage all related data involving.</4>

  • Supersede
    When products reach the end of their lifecycle, drive sales to deplete inventory before replacing with the new product.
    Additionally, you can supersede one or many products. Our product record is made flexible to allow for maximum profitability.
  • Buy-Out or Backorder
    Always get the best price with our extensive ordering options.
  • EDI
    Electronic Data Interchange repository.
  • BOM
    Construct and control Bill Of Material records.
  • Multi-User Attributes
    Control multi-user secured access.
  • Exports
    Export data to allow easy integration with other systems.
  • Management
    Reduce costs through improved supplier selection and collaboration.
  • Documentation
    Easily manage, customize and process documents.
  • Mobile Applications
    Multi Device and user applications that include electronic signature options.

In summary, in the last ten years manufacturers in the auto industry, consumer electronics and packaged goods have had their eyes opened to benefits of integrated PLM functionality. Therefore, many are utilizing PLM software and seeing the benefits.