Omnna’s New B2B

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The NEW Omnna B2B enables customers to grant real time access to their accounts to place online orders, view their invoice history, view their current and past statements, and access to the Eipcor, Partslink and other catalog integrations.

In addition the Omnna B2B also offers the following functionalities:

• Upsell – If the part that is being purchased on the B2B site has a related part in Omnna, the related part will be suggested to the customer for purchase.

• Sales And Promotions – Promotional offers available to your customers in Omnna, will also be available for orders they place on the B2B site.

• Loyalty Program – The end customer accrues points for each order they place and a real-time total of their points is displayed on the screen.

• Tracking and Reporting – Track and report all activity on the B2B site including: sales history, user count, B2B login count, catalog usage, and much more.

• Advertising – Display marketing advertisements on the B2B site.

Contact Omnna to learn how our new B2B technology is revolutionizing the industry.