Payroll & Time Clock

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Omnna is a best-in-class ERP for the Cloud ERP and comes standard with all the following features.

Payroll & Time Clock

Track employee hours and generate payroll reports to get everyone paid.


Built-in time clock
Every time an employee logs in to Omnna they can “clock in,” and every time they log out they can “clock out.” There’s no need for a physical time clock or separate software. Simple as that.

Track tasks in detail
Track the tasks, WIPs and detailed jobs each technician works on throughout the day. Pay bonuses on high efficiency techs and track labor by job with great reports for follow-up.

Track every hour
Keep track of regular, sick, vacation, overtime, and holiday hours.

Synchronized HR
Sync every employee’s hours with Human Resources to quickly and easily calculate their pay.

Easy to export
Export payroll reports as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet so you can email it to your payroll department or company.

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