Omnna Mobile App

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Omnna is a best-in-class ERP for the Cloud ERP and comes standard with all the following features.

Omnna Mobile App

A smartphone-sized Omnna

Always real-time data
Your products, inventory, orders and customers are always real-time regardless of how you access Omnna.

Easy-to-use interface
Everything is tailored for the size of your smartphone’s screen.

Receive electronic signatures
Delivery and dispatch drivers can capture electronic signatures from customers when they deliver the parts.

Mobile dashboard
You can always access Omnna from a web browser on a phone or tablet. However, the Omnna mobile app provides an optimized interface designed specifically for small screens. It’s all the great features of your dashboard, only easier to act on when you are out of the office and on-the-move.

Omnna POS ERP Cloud Software

Delivery/Dispatch Software

Track deliveries from a finalized invoice to a customer
signature all from Omnna.

Track every step
Track deliveries by driver, using target delivery time, routes, and driver times to customers.
Optimize delivery routes
Set up routes in advance to optimize delivery runs.

Third-party integration
If you have extreme delivery needs, Omnna offers a best-in-class integration with the logistics software Elite EXTRA.

Receive electronic signatures
With the Omnna mobile app, drivers can run paperless, ensure they deliver all products and receive electronic signatures from customers during delivery.

Omnna POS ERP Cloud Software

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