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Advanced Business Analytics and Reports to help you grow

Understanding the movement of your products can have a huge impact on productivity and profit. Inventory Totals, Inventory Adjustments and Inventory Turnover are just a few of the countless reports that Omnna offers so you can get a handle on your products. 

Improving your Customer Satisfaction starts with understanding what’s happening with each customer. Take a look at things like: Open Orders by Customer, Business-to-Business Usage, Customer Price Sheets, Customer Sales Comparisons, Pricing and Availability Report and Returns by Customer .

Dive into sales for the month or even down tot he hour. Reports based on location, sales rep, history, purchase orders, pending sales orders, invoices and more.

With our seamless accounting integration, see Daily Transaction Reports, EOD Reports by Location or Counter Person, Sales Tax, Vendor Invoice Reconciliation Report and more.

Warehouse Management
Packing, Putaway and Restocking are just a few of the things you’ll have visibility into with our WMS reporting module. 

Omnna’s Advanced Reporting Features

  • Reports can be scheduled to run anytime of any day and automatically emailed to any user.
  • Reports are always displayed in their entirety first. With sort-by columns, search functions and hyperlink values, you can drill down into any value (such as a product or account in a sales report).
  • One-click export to Excel or as an HTML file to your web-browser to download and distribute (based on permissions).
  • All Omnna modules that include sales history and purchase history have in-screen custom reporting tools so you can access reports right then and there.

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